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We have been working hard to bring together resources about trees for educators in an easy to find place. Here it is! Below you will find information on teacher workshops, tree planting programs, contests, online resources and much more. Click below on the topic you are interested in...

Helpful websites

(verified as of 12/11/09)

  • TREE LESSONS » Lessons on measuring trees, reading a color key map, creating tree silhouettes and a ‘good behavior tree,' more. Besides very detailed lesson plans, including assessments, website has other links, interesting facts to "hook" students, etc.
  • LINKS TO EDUCATIONAL INFO AND MATERIALS » Links to Tree Information, Identification Tips, and Educational Materials for Teachers.
  • GAMES, BOOKS, ACTIVITIES, QUIZZES » "Kids Corner" has games, books, activities and quizzes. TreeLink home page has links to other resources, e.g. "ultimate list of tree quotes" and "how-to posters".
  • TREE CRAFTS and OTHER ACTIVITIES » Simple crafts using on-hand classroom materials, reproducible craft and activity templates, limited bi-lingual materials, some activities/worksheets only available to site members.
  • ARBOR DAY LESSONS AND TEACHER RESOURCES » Relevant lesson plans include:  Shapes in Nature (Trees), Bark Imaging, Observe a Leaf.
  • OAK DECLARED THE NATIONAL TREE »  PRESS RELEASE Nebraska City, Neb., Dec. 15, 2004 -- "America has the grandest trees on earth--the largest, the oldest, and some of the most magnificent. Now, with Congressional passage and presidential signing of a historic bill, America has an official National Tree--the oak...."
  • AMERICAN FORESTS HISTORIC TREE PROGRAM  » Plant historic trees that witnessed the events and lives that shaped our history!
  • ILLUSTRATED LIFE STAGES OF A TREE »  Tree life stages can be related to human life stages.
  • TREE GUIDE » Detailed information on dozens of commonly planted landscape trees that grow throughout the United States. Here you will find information on height and spread, soil and sun requirements, leaves and fruit, history, wildlife habitat, and more.
  • PLANTS FOR A FUTURE  » Plants For A Future is a resource centre for rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses.  Many of our city's trees are in this global database which has very interesting information that is difficult to find elsewhere.
  • PLANTTALK COLORADO™  » Planttalk Colorado™ provides reliable, timely information on more than 400 horticultural topics.  Select English or Spanish.
  • INTERNATIONAL GREENBELT MOVEMENT and NOBEL LAUREATE WANGARI MAATHAI » Official website of the Green Belt Movement (GBM) and its founder, the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Professor Wangari Maathai, the first African woman and the first environmentalist to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • ADVICE FROM A TREE » A poem "Advice from a Tree" by Ilan Shamir.

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Kits and free check out materials

  • DENVER BOTANIC GARDENS » Kits contain resources and activities that you can use to enhance your study of plants. Current tree-specific kits include: Rainforest Kit (grades K-6) Enhance your curriculum with books, activities, videotapes, games, and plant and product samples from the rainforest; Photosynthesis Kit (grades 9-12) Use the activities in this kit to teach the concept of photosynthesis in a hands-on manner.
  • DENVER ZOO » Urban Wildlife Discovery Loan Boxes are designed for teachers to enhance their classroom curriculum. All include materials such as puppets, skins and skulls, videos, resource and picture, books, games, scientific equipment for experiments, and curriculum guides to help facilitate activity and lesson plans.

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Trees Save Green

Trees properly placed around residences and buildings can save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs. —U.S. Forest Service


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