Project Learning Tree

Project Learning Tree

The Mile High Million partners with Project Learning Tree to provide free workshops for teachers in the Denver Metro area. These workshops also coincide with participation in our Cool Schools Tree Planting Program.

Project Learning Tree® (PLT) is an award winning, multi-disciplinary environmental education program for educators and students in PreK-Grade 12. It is one of the most widely used environmental education programs in the United States and continues to set the standard for environmental education excellence.

PLT meets state and national education standards. The curriculum materials provide the tools educators need to bring the environment into the classroom and their students into the environment. Topics range from forests, wildlife and water to community planning, waste management and energy.

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Featured Project Learning Tree Activities

The following three activities are from Project Learning Tree's Pre K-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide. The Pre K-8 Guide can be obtained by attending a PLT Workshop. For more information on how to attend a PLT workshop please contact the state coordinator, Shawna Crocker at 303-278-8822 or [email protected]

Activity 21: Adopt a Tree

Students "adopt" a tree, deepening their awareness of individual trees over time and encouraging a greater understanding and appreciation of their local environment.  Activity: Grades 3-8; Variation A: Grades PreK-1; Variation B: Grades K-4.

Click here to download Activity 21: Adopt a tree

Additional Resources

Activity 31: Plant a Tree

Never underestimate the power of a tree! Besides giving us an amazing array of paper and wood products, trees provide a host of other benefits - from shading our backyards to assisting in the maintenance of the global climate. Students can express their appreciation of trees by planning and carrying out their own tree planting program. Grades 1-8.

Click here to download Activity 31: Plant a Tree

Additional Resources

  • Earth & Sky Radio Correlations - This activity can be supplemented with related Earth & Sky radio shows that you can download for use in your classroom.
  • Earth Conservation Plan (ECP) Carbon and Lifestyle Calculator - Participants take a three minute test to determine their contribution to global climate change. Upon completion of the test, participants can then make pledges to reduce their impact and score. With each change and commitment into their everyday lives, scores are recalculated. The ECP calculator is the first carbon calculator to allow its users to save and track each calculation and pledge, so participants can refer to the data at any time - while tracking their personal improvements over time.
  • Student page - dowload and print the student page for this activity.
  • Colorado State Standards for Activity 31 - learn more about how the correlations for this activity were determined here.

Activity 89: Trees for Many Reasons

By reading fables such as The Lorax by Dr. Seuss or The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono, students can examine the importance of conserving natural resources. Part A: grades 2-8; Part B: grades 6-8.

Click here to download Activity 89: Trees for Many Reasons

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