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Mile High Million Partners

Planting and stewarding 2.2 million trees is a monumental undertaking that hinges upon strong partnerships with local nonprofits and other tree-oriented organizations. Check out some of The Mile High Million's exceptional partners!

The Park People

The Park People is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, enhancing and advocating for Denver's parks, recreation resources, open space and urban forest. Through their flagship Denver Digs Trees program, The Park People have added more than 38,000 public trees to Denver's streets, with hundreds more sold each spring to help raise funds for the organization's public tree efforts.

Colorado Tree Coalition

The mission of the Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC) is to lead statewide efforts to preserve, renew and enhance community forests in Colorado with fundraising efforts and grant awards throughout the state. The CTC created and currently manages the Colorado Tree Trust to serve as a perpetual funding arm of the Coalition in order to keep community forestry alive in Colorado.

Project Learning Tree

Project Learning Tree (PLT) is an award-winning environmental education program designed for educators working with students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. PLT uses trees and the forest as a “window” to the natural world, helping students learn about the world around them, their place within that world, and their responsibility for it.

Alliance for Community Trees

Alliance for Community Trees (ACT) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and livability of cities by planting and caring for trees. With 160 grassroots affiliates in 40 states and Canada, ACT engages volunteers to take action to improve the environment where 80% of people live - in urban areas. ACT member organizations have planted and cared for 14.9 million trees in cities with help from 4.3 million volunteers.

Learning Landscapes

Learning Landscapes transforms schoolyards at Denver Public Schools into aesthetic and fun multi-use parks designed to reflect the cultural heritage of the surrounding community. Working with University of Colorado, Denver Landscape Architecture graduate students and community members to create master plans and designs, the graduate students get meaningful, hands-on experience in their field, while the community gets a landmark to be proud of. With each learning landscape built elementary students participate in planting shrubs and trees to help establish a connection with nature and a sense of ownership of their new playground.

Trees Benefit Society

Trees have been shown to reduce crime, improve test scores, limit street noise, and lower hospital recovery times.


Mile High Million Partners

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