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Register Your Tree Toward The Mile High Million

Thank you for planting a tree and making the Denver metropolitan region a greener place to live. You can make your tree(s) count toward The Mile High Million’s one million tree goal by answering a few simple questions.

Notes about counting trees with The Mile High Million:

  • If you wish to register multiple trees without entering each one individually, please feel free to email us at [email protected]
  • If you participated in a volunteer tree-planting activity, ask the volunteer coordinator to register your trees as an organization to ensure that the trees are not counted twice. 

* Items marked with an asterisk are required.

Who planted the tree(s)

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Where did you plant the tree?

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*Zip Code
*When did you plant the tree? (Only trees planted since July of 2006 can be counted.)
*Total number of trees planted
*Where Did You Get Your Tree?
*What kind of tree did you plant? (Common or botanical names are both acceptable)
Did you plant your tree as a part of the Mountain High Tree, Lawn, & Landscape Co. tree drive?
How did you hear about us?
Why did you plant your new tree? (You may chose up to 3 responses)
To increase my property's value
To shade my home for energy savings
To provide shade
To beautify the environment
Enhance business
To help clean our air
To help clean our water
Part of new landscaping
As a part of a neighborhood planting project
School tree adoption event
To honor an event such as a birth of a new family member, and anniversary, or the passing of a loved one
Other Please Specify
On what property type was your tree planted?
Where exactly is your new tree planted:
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Trees Benefit Society

Trees have been shown to reduce crime, improve test scores, limit street noise, and lower hospital recovery times.

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